Thomas Lindsay

Mr. Lindsay's 5th Grade Class


Welcome! We begin our journey together here at West Deptford Middle School on September 4th!  I am very excited to meet all of you, and I hope you are too!
Do not be nervous or scared, because we are in for a safe, fun, and eventful school year.

Homework (Workbooks go home every night, pages do not get ripped out) 
Monday (10/8)
Math-  None (RST day)
Science- None

Math- workbook page 81
Science- None

Math- Workbook page 87 and 88 (odd)
Science- None
Math- Homework lesson 2-6
Science- None


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Link for Pearson sign in:  http://https//

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Below is my contact information...Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or information regarding you child.

-Call Mr. Lindsay at (856-848-1200 Ext. 3029 )
-Class Dojo Message (Please send in a note if you have trouble signing in) 
Or just send in a note!